Thursday, June 16, 2011

What have we been doing...

Well I sure love to blog.. I just need to be better about it!!  This past month has been quite busy.  We have been having park days, playing at Papa's house, we welcomed 2 new nephews/cousins into our family.  Hazen Gleyre Richards & Makai Vincent Diaz were both born last week & we could not be more excited.  They are the cutest boys ever!!  We love welcoming new family into our lives!!  I am so excited for another new nephew & a new baby to come in the next few weeks!  We love family time! 
Brynlee is now 4 & so smart.  She is just the best little girl I could ask for!  (Even though she is kind of a pain sometimes!)  Kason will be 2 in 3 short months!  I seriously cannot believe it!!  He is the sweetest, happiest, smartest boy ever!  He always has a smile & is such a joy to have around!!  He is going to be our one lucky happy boy!  Mark is thrilled he is such a boy cause Bryn has turned into such a girl!  LOL!  She used to LOVE to work with Mark on his Bike & go on rides.. Now all she wants to do is play dolls, but Kason is happy to take her place with the bikes =)   We only have 26 days til this sweet baby makes her way to us.  We are So EXCITED!!  Here are some pics of what we have been up to the past month =)

Brynlee & Macie got their makeup done by my wonderful friend Jamie Healy at Sephora.  They LOVED IT!!  Then found these hats & I thought they were SOOO cute!!

Kason needed a pic with Bryn's Shades on

Kason protects his milk!!  It is his favorite thing on the planet!!  LOL

Our kids wrestling!  They LOVE it!

Brynlee finally tried a meat she likes!!  The healthiest one - BACON!!  She asks for it every day & calls it Bacon Toast!  Since it is SO healthy.. She doesn't get it very often at all!

Bryn's last day at Preschool.  I LOVED her whole outfit!!

Bryn got her hair done by our great stylist Amanda Cox.  We love her & Bryn was so excited to have such beautiful hair!  Kason just naturally looked like a stud that day!  =)  I have this pic as my background on my phone & every time I look at it I realize I have the cutest kids ever & am so lucky!

The girls getting ready to go to the water park =)

Brynlee loves making "funny faces"

Kason trying to make the same face as Bryn hahaha!!

My baby bump with just over 4 weeks to go.  PS... this is the day I found out we are having a GIRL!!  YAY!!

Kason with his cute aunt Toni takin a little nap at Papas =)  (FYI - I could NOT get Kason to take a nap this day & Toni grabbed him & sat with him... he immediately fell asleep... PUNK!)

Bryn napping at Papas house after having a great afternoon playing on his bouncy house & blowup waterslide.  She was exhausted!!  =)

Getting an educational nap in the car.. He fell asleep while playing on the computer =)

This is what we have been up to!!  Sorry its a little long!  I will try to be better!   See ya soon!!!!!

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