Thursday, March 31, 2011


Right now Brynlee is 3.  She will be 4 in 1 month!!  CRAZINESS!!  I cannot believe I am going to have a 4 yr old!  She goes to pre-school & loves every minute of it!!  She loves to play all the time!  If you ever want a play date CALL ME!!  Kason is 1.  He is an ANGEL!!  He is such a happy little boy we truly are blessed!!  He is so smart I cant stand it!!  He also repeats everything you say... So be careful!!  I stay home with the kids & love it! (most the time =) )  We are expecting mystery baby #3 in July & cannot wait!!!  Mark is currently at Associated Foods, but we are waiting to hear from a welding school for him to get into & get an apprenticeship!  Please pray he gets that!!  It would be the best thing ever for our family!  We love to play outside & go lots of fun places around town!! Camping is something we would like to do A LOT of this summer!!  We will see how it goes =)    That's all for now =)


BLOG TIME!!!! Hopefully I can figure out how to use this thing!! LOL If you have any tips BRING EM ON!!
I think this will be nice to have since I feel like I talk about my kids too much on FB. Now I can do it on here & you just have to deal with it!!