Thursday, June 16, 2011

Our Outdoor adventures!!

Like I said in my previous post we have been spending a little time outside.. I thought I would do a seperate post for the outdoor fun!!  I hope you enjoy!!  This is mostly pics, but I can't help but share them!!

Bryn helping her Mr fix it raise the seat on her bike. =)

Bryn & Mac had a picnic outside =)  I loved the rainboots she picked out!

The kids flying a kite for the first time with their daddy.  Mark says this is the first time he has ever flown a kite!  He had a love/hate relationship with it =)

Fun Park Day!!  CHEEEEESE!!

I LOVE how much my kids LOVE their daddy!!

Kason wouldn't play at the freezing water park so he went to the regular park instead =)  He climbs up EVERYTHING at the park & goes down the slides all by himself.  It scares me but whatever!! 

Bryn enjoying herself at a birthday party!  This is the first Bday party of a friend at school!  She was SOOO excited! =)

Kason helping Daddy fix the car at Papa's house!!

Trev helping Kason ride his bike =)  It was the cutest thing EVER!
See ya next time =)

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