Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers day is great!

Yesterday gave me a lot to think about.  I love my kids & I love every thing about them!!  No, I didn't need any extravagant gift to tell me I'm an awesome mom...  My kids & Hubby told me Happy Mothers Day & so did my fam!  That's all I need!!  I feel so lucky to be a mother!  I have never realized until now how many people do not get this wonderful blessing in their life.  I also never realized how many mothers take it for total granted.  If you have children, you NEED to love them no matter what! 
I have the most AMAZING mother in this entire world.  She has never once turned her back on any of us (no matter how bad we mess up)  ;).  She is kind, considerate, helpful, giving & perfect!  I LOVE MY MOTHER!  I also love that she taught me about being a mother & how to be a great one!  I know I'm not perfect, but that doesn't stop me from trying!  Our family is so close & we owe it all to my mom.  She has held us together so well!!  This summer we have 2 siblings moving out of state for the first time ever!  It is going to be very interesting & give us a reason to go visit other places!  I cannot wait!! 
Yesterday Mark woke up with the kids & let me sleep in as long as I could (which is not very long).  My wonderful mother made me breakfast cake (TOTALLY FABULOUS) & we all enjoyed the day!  Brynlee sang with the Primary at church.  It was awesome!!  She was standing right next to the pulpit & there was a box of tissues sitting there so mid song she grabs a tissue, wipes her nose & calls out for me to come get it!  LOL!  It was the funniest thing ever!!  I started crying I was laughing so hard!  Then we came home & made dinner for my whole fam!  It was so nice to have them all over.  The kids are getting so big & can make more noise, but its still extremely fun to have them all together! 
I had a wonderful day!  Nothing could have made it better!  Thanks for reading this special post!

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