Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I love my cuties

This post is LONG overdue... I surely LOVE my amazing family.  I know every post says this garbage... but its kinda true.  This is just an update on everything that's been going on...

Sydalee Rae - Well what a dollface!  She is so amazing!  She is the perfect baby!  So much great baby wrapped in to one tiny little package.  When she went to her 2 month appt she was actually like 11 weeks old.  ( I was a little late)  anyway.. She only weighed 10 lbs 7 oz.  Syd is just so tiny.  She eats pretty good & sleeps A LOT!  She wakes up once a night at about 5 am (which is amazing).  She is losing her hair =(  BoO!  The other kids love her so much!  She is such a great final fifth addition to our family.  What a great surprise blessing.  I love my little Squid!

Kaso Baso - My oh my... Where do I begin.. He is such a studly muffin. So much fun!  He has such a personality I can't even begin to describe, but I'll try anyway.  He has the cutest laugh.  He is the sweetest boy I have ever seen EVER!  He is the best cuddler & cares so much for everyone.  When he wants a drink he gets one for Brynlee as well... He always wants to help feed Syd her bottle (though that only lasts about 2 seconds at a time).  This is my fav... If I get frustrated at a driver in the car (not that I have road rage) he says "it's okay mom" in the sweetest little voice, then I just laugh.  He LOVES to play with girl stuff, but is SUCH A BOY!  He plays with princesses, cars, necklaces, guns (water guns) he calls BAM BAM etc... He is just the icing on the cake.  This boy was sent to us to keep us sane.  I LOVE my sweet Kaso Baso! 

Bryn - Well this sassy girl is in her 2nd year of Preschool & LOVES it!  On our way home from the circus tonight she said to me "Mom, I want to be a teacher when I grow up!  Like Miss Terri & Miss Becky (her teachers) so I can teach all my friends lessons & how to sing songs".  It was the cutest!  Normally when you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up she responds with "a grown up!" DUH!!  LOL!  She has such an attitude its hard to keep up.  She does have a sweet side though.. Brynlee loves her friends so much.  She always loves to play & asks all the time when we can play with EVERYONE again.  Her favorite thing in the world is Family night.  We do Family Nights on Wednesdays every week per Bryns request.   She has also always had such an unbelievable love for the moon.  She always says hi to "him", he says hi back of course!  The cutest thing? YES!  She has now taught her brother how to love the moon so much.  They both get so excited whenever they see "him".  Kason says "look! The Meoon mom!"  So sweet!  I love imaginations!  I love my sassy Bryn Bryn!

Mark & I - are fab!  He is working at the same ol place still.  I am still home with the kids.  We love it!  He just started a new schedule to get a little difference in his life.  He is doing really good with it.  We got a date night out on Monday night with my sweet sister Ally & her hubby Pete.  Pete will be moving in 2 weeks for work & we had so much fun out on a final date out with them.  We went to Tucanos at the Gateway... YUMMM!   ( We love Ally & Pete!  We wish them the best of luck on their new adventure they are about to take on!)  We are so happy that things are starting to look up for us.  We are on our way to a good place in our lives & are loving it. 

Well hopefully I can actually keep up on this better... We shall see... Pictures coming soon!  = )

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  1. I am so glad you have a blog so I can read these updates about your family while I live so far away. You really have the sweetest kids; Olivia still talks about playing and swimming with Brynlee. Love you Linds! You are still one of my very best friends.