Friday, January 6, 2012


Well 2011 was a super crazy year for us!  We moved, we had a baby & so many other things I need not mention... We hope for an amazing 2012! 
My sweet Sydalee cut her first 2 teeth last night.  What a princess!  She was such a champ about it.  She has not been super grumpy through the whole thing she has just been exhausted!  She will be 6 months on the 11th & we get to go to the doc & see how big she is getting! =)  She finally fits in 6 month clothes now =)  She is such a sweet girl & is getting blonde hair. 

Kason is such a big boy.  He is also the sweetest boy in the world!  He loves to play with cars & barbies... He loves his sisters SO much!  He & Bryn play all the time & love every minute of it.  Kason weighs 34 lbs. wears 3/4 T clothing & a size 8 1/2 or 9 shoes... He is huge!  He has the sweetest smile & loves to play the "I love you more" game. 

Brynlee is loving every minute of preschool still.  She is having a hard time with the fact that she will not go to school with all those friends forever.  She has a crush on the CUTEST boy in her class & he is so cute with her.  I love it!  I wish that I could put them on hold til they were 16 & have them fall in love!  My goodness this boy is adorable & so sweet!  I know because I have helped out at school a couple times. 

I can NOT begin to explain to the world the joy I feel from being a mother.  I know all I blog about are my kids... But that's what it's here for =)  I could never have imagined that being a mother would be this rewarding.  Every thing they do is so wonderful.  Even when they are punks I think it is SO funny!  I don't think it is something I can explain in perfect words how much I appreciate everything I am blessed with.  I have the most amazing husband in the world.  He is so nice & supports this little family of ours.  He is the nicest man alive I am convinced of that!!

Here are a few pictures of us lately.... =) 
My sweet girl

Out for a late night stroll =)
This is from today!  I wanted a pic of the day she got her teeth =) 

Cheesy smile (hee hee)

Playing in the snow for once this year

Snow angel in one of the few snowfalls we've had this year

Kason LOVES this bear.  I walked in & he was passed out cuddling it

This is a little older, you can tell cause Bryn's hair is SO long!  I miss it!

My cutie in one of her new outfits from Papa